How Edwix works

Sit back & let Edwix manage your home

Upload your first documents to Edwix

You can upload a variety of documents related to personal real estate management (property taxes, equipment warranties, bills, etc.) with the upmost security.

Let’s start by uploading an electricity bill to Edwix & how it’s processed.

Edwix makes the AI magic happen

By uploading documents to Edwix, you allow our smart AI solution to analyze and extract relevant information from your uploaded documents & assist you in the daily management of your property.

In our example, Edwix automatically identified the merchant, the deadline, the expense category and amount

Following the AI extraction, Edwix will deliver valuable and personalized tips & tricks regarding your home management.

Start living worry & stress-free

Upload all your home-related documents to Edwix (home insurance, invoices, tax assesments, governement  documents and anything you can think of!).

No more missing payment deadlines, renewal dates & manually managing your home expenses! Edwix takes care of all this information for you so you can sit back and really enjoy your home without worrying. 

It’s just like having your own personal home assistant in your pocket !

Which documents can I upload?

Check out all the different documents Edwix can manage!

Bank & Financial Institutions
Real Estate Agents & Brokers​

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