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Edwix Document management screen, reminders screen, mobile screen- all secure.

Imagine a world where you could seamlessly manage everything related to your home.

Did any of these ever happen to you?

Lost an important real estate/legal document?
Forgot to keep track of important maintenance tasks to keep your property in good shape?
Missed a warranty expiry date for one of your appliances?
Wished for personalized tip & tricks to easily save money in regards to your property?
Wondered if there existed a better & simpler way to track/manage all expenses related to your home

Edwix is the solution!

Buying a property is considered the biggest investment of our lives, but keeping important documents (bills, maintenance, official paperwork, etc.) organized in a safe environment is a hassle. Edwix offers the ideal turnkey solution to store your most valuable documents, budgeting home maintenance and never missing important home-related deadlines.

Life is easy Relieve your mental load Get your home organized Track home expenses Secure your home documents

with Edwix

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Edwix Document management screen with warranties, bill and rent & utilities

Efficient Document Management

Edwix provides a cloud-based storage and management solution allowing you to efficiently organize and classify all documentation related to your residence, real estate purchase and investments.

Use any device to forward email attachments to your unique Edwix property inbox and simply sync to your preferred cloud storage solution.

Edwix Electricity bill screen, expense tracker mobil screen

Track all your expenses

After having gathered all the documents regarding your property on Edwix, it’s super easy to start automating your expense tracking! Edwix will extract the relevant information from them to track your spending effortlessly, all thanks to AI. Being in control of your financial well-being has never been so simple!

Automated reminders

Edwix generates reminders based on key dates extracted from your documents that sync automatically to your preferred calendar. Never miss an upcoming deadline, expiring service contract, warranties and other critical timelines. This ensures you stay on top of necessary upkeep and contractual obligations, potentially saving costs and avoiding problems!

Edwix Document management screen

Keep your documents safe

Keep your most valuable documents, private information (i.e. SIN, account#s, etc.) as well as bank integrations bank integrations secure with Edwix. Security is our #1 priority and that’s why your information is secure with our SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliances.

Tips & tricks

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