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1. Create your Edwix account

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2. Complete your home profile

Take a few moments to complete your Home Profile now and start enjoying a fully personalized Edwix experience in less than 5 minutes.

By providing these details, you enable Edwix to offer more accurate and tailored suggestions, reminders, and management tools, saving you time and effort in the long run.

3. Upload your first document

You can upload a variety of documents related to personal real estate management with the upmost security.

Here are some categories of documents you might consider uploading: Property information, equipment info, contracts, invoices, permits, tax documents, correspondences & more!

4. Smart data extraction

By uploading documents to Edwix, you allow our smart AI solution to analyze and extract relevant information from your uploaded documents & assist you in the daily management of your property (merchant identification, invoice type, deadlines, expense categorization/tracking & more). You’ll receive valuable and personalized tips & tricks regarding your home management.

5. Relieve your mental load

Stop worrying about missing payment deadlines, renewal dates & manually managing your home expenses! Edwix takes care of all this information for you so you can sit back and really enjoy your home without worrying. 

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