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Our mission is to relieve homeowners of their mental load, save them time, and bring a new level of organization to their life.

Store your most valuable documents with Edwix.

What can Edwix do?

Efficient Document Management

Edwix provides a cloud-based storage and management solution allowing you to efficiently organize and classify all documentation related to your residence, real estate purchase and investments.

Use any device to forward email attachments to your unique property inbox to automatically upload documents into Edwix, saving you time and headaches.

When you have your documents in Edwix, simply sync to your preferred cloud storage solution (ex. Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc.)

Track all your expenses

After having gathered all the documents regarding your property on Edwix, it’s super easy to start automating your expense tracking! Edwix will extract the relevant information from them to track your spending effortlessly. Being in control of your financial well-being has never been so simple!

Automated reminders

Edwix generates reminders based on key dates extracted from your documents that sync automatically to your preferred calendar. Never miss an upcoming deadline, expiring service contract, warranties and other critical timelines. This ensures you stay on top of necessary upkeep and contractual obligations, potentially saving costs and avoiding problems!

With you on the go

Works with all devices, mobile, tablet. Utilize our attachment forwarding feature to upload documents. (Emphasize the forwarding feature, and usability with ipad and mobile devices. Description to be updated)

Edwix is super easy to setup!

How it works


Check out Edwix in action

Wondering what you can ask Edwix, your personal assistant, to relieve your mental load, save you time, and bring a new level of organization to your life? Here are some examples.

Can you add an event in my agenda to remind me when it’s time to renew my insurance?

How often should I service my heating system?

How much did I pay in property 
taxes last year?

How much electricity did I use last month?

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