5 things you need to know when selling your house

5 things you need to know when selling your house


Buying a house is one thing. Selling it is another. Here are some important things to know when doing so and it will help you understand some aspects of selling property.

1. Work with a good real estate agent

Finding a good real estate agent can make the difference between a successful sale and a failed one. If you have a good relationship with the one that helped you with the house you bought, maybe now is a good time to call them. In the upcoming transaction, they will save you lots of time and emotional stress.  Hire an agent who understands your needs, knows the real estate market, and can represent you well during the negotiation process.

2. What are the repairs that can be done

With your real estate agent, you might want to determine some repairs that can be done to upsale your property. Important repairs such as redoing the roof, changing some old plumbing or electrical system, upgrading the windows and doors for good isolation or switching the ventilation system can all bring some great value to the house. Anything that has to due with the state of the foundation, energy efficiency and health will play an important part for selling at a good price. Try to avoid any aesthetical aspects as the new homeowners might have there own style and will put it to there liking. Stick to the roots and avoid unnecessary costly projects.

3. Price your house correctly

Pricing is a crucial step in selling your house since it determines how quickly it will sell and how many buyers will show interest. With the help of your agent, you’ll be able to know what the market looks like and determine a price at a reasonable and competitive range that reflects the proper value of the property. 

4. Marketing is also part of your selling strategy

You’ll have to come up with a marketing strategy with your agent to get that house sold quickly. You don’t want your house on the market for too long. The internet is the first way people will know that your property is for sell. Your agent will put it up through MLS channels and make it stand out through great professional pictures that will make people want to visit. By the way, phone pictures just won’t make it happen.

Don’t forget that it’s important to clean up. Also, a little bit of staging for the pictures and for the visits might just help people invision themselves living there.  Even if you are busy, don’t under estimate how a messy house can make people uninterested. Use a little help by booking a cleaner the day before the visits.

5. The paperwork

There’s a lot of documentation you’ll need to deal with and quite a bit of it will need to be transfered to the new homeowners. This is a step you can manage a early as today. Keep your documents organized and easy to access to find them with ease when needed to answer any questions. Using an app like Edwix will definitely help  you stay on top of the game. But guess what? It will also let you transfert all of those tax documents, appliance manuals, warranties and repair history to the buyer. Forget about the hassle of physically managing them and transfer it all easily from wherever you are to where they are in a safely guarded digital document manager.

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