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Our mission is to relieve homeowners of their mental load, save them time, and bring a new level of organization to their life.

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What can Edwix do?

Store your documents

Edwix gathers, organizes, and saves your documents in your preferred cloud storage solution (ex. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) so you can manage all of them from one place so you can save time and finally get peace of mind. Edwix also let's you easily transfer your property profile to a new owner.

Track all your expenses

After having gathered all the documents regarding your property on Edwix, it's super easy to start automating your expense tracking! Edwix will extract the relevant information from them to track your spending effortlessly. Being in control of your financial well-being has never been so simple!

Get AI-powered assistance

Edwix answers all your home-related questions, provides valuable reminders and offers property management suggestions based on your stored documents, habits and/or trends. All of this is possible, thanks to help of AI!

How it works

Edwix’s is super easy to setup! The first step is to upload your property documents onto the platform. Once your documents are uploaded, Edwix’s AI assistant can give you personalized recommendations based on the content of your documents and create reminders for important dates. You can also track your property expenses easily with Edwix to help you make a budget.¬†

Check out Edwix in action

Wondering what you can ask Edwix, your personal assistant, to relieve your mental load, save you time, and bring a new level of organization to your life? Here are some examples:

Get your home organized.

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Edwix seamlessly integrates with various popular services, allowing you to streamline your home management tasks.

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